29. July 2019


2019 FAI WINGSUIT WORLD RECORD 29.07.-02.08.2019

JUMP-TANDEM® DZ at Prostejov airfield, Czech Republic

Why we put the first goal at 69? Because of airplanes capacity. Now with 2xLET L410 + 1xSKYVAN + 1xCESSNA C208 SUPERVAN we have up to 80 slots! We keep our first goal on the 69 because it’s a great number and we will be able to go bigger in case we success on first attempt day!
Every single wingsuiter will be involved in the two training days, meaning we will do training jumps with 2 and 3 planes formation! We want everyone in the air, and from that we will built the first attempt formation 69 way. On the same time the B team will jump to keep training and showing their best in the way of they can be integrated at any time, any jump on the Attempt formation. The idea here is to build a team, and I’ll take a soccer team image to be clear! As when a soccer team win, it is not only 11 of them that has the gold but 17, even those who has not run in the battle field get the medals! And in our case everybody would has run in the sky!!
So the master word for this event may be TEAM SPIRIT!
For that we want people ready soon on the Monday morning and available until the end of afternoon on Friday.

Stéphane Zunino



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