Jump Tandem

In the air

Aims of the RECORD

To determine the FAI World Record in formation...

To present a visually attractive image of the record jumps and timely standings (scores) for participants, spectators and media.

To exchange ideas and strengthen friendly relations between wingsuit flyers, judges and support personnel of all nations.

To allow participants to share and exchange experience, knowledge and information. To improve judging methods and practices.



IČ: 277 05 587
DIČ: CZ277 05 587

residence, office, shop:

Loosova 262/1
CZ - 638 00, Brno

opened: Mo - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

e-mail: tandem@jump-tandem.cz

Letiště Prostějov
Letecká 1
796 01 Prostějov
49.4451586N, 17.1306897E